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Visit the Dr. Landon A. Poteat, DDS Aesthetic Dentistry for Tooth Implant Restoration

At Dr. Landon A. Poteat’s office we are pleased to offer tooth implant restoration, a new exciting procedure for effectively replacing lost or missing teeth that is less invasive than bridges. Before tooth implant restoration, dentures or bridges were the only solution to replacing a missing tooth.  Now, implants can even help hold your loose denture in place.

Replace a Missing Tooth with Tooth Implant Restoration

With tooth implant restoration, a copy of the missing tooth is anchored in place. The copy is tooth colored so that it will match the rest of your smile. Tooth implant restoration can provide you with an artificial tooth that will mimic the look and feel of a real tooth. The implanted tooth won’t decay and healthy teeth are not normally affected.

Let Dr. Poteat Help You Determine if Tooth Implant Restoration Is Right For You

Though there are many benefits of tooth implant restoration, a tooth implant is a surgical procedure that is not appropriate for all patients. Be assured that we work with expert surgeons to determine if you are an implant candidate.

For a successful tooth implant restoration, the patient must be in good general health, with a good immune system and have adequate bone. Most surgeons today utilize 3-D digital radiographs to insure that implants are placed in the best sites possible.  No matter what dental professional you choose, please ensure that these factors are considered before any type of tooth implant restoration is recommended.

If you are interested in finding out if you are a candidate for tooth implant restoration, please contact us or schedule an appointment at our convenient Asheville office. We would be happy to talk to you about any questions you might have about tooth implant restoration.

Friendly and Professional Tooth Implant Restoration and More

Our friendly staff of dentistry professionals provides a full menu of dental services, beginning with a solid foundation of caring basic dental care. We strive to improve the overall oral health of each one of our patients.

Tooth implant restoration is only one of the services that we provide. We would be honored if you would also give us the opportunity to help prevent, diagnose or treat any dental problem you might have.