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Let an Emergency Dentist Examine Your Cracked Tooth for Extraction or Pulling a Tooth

At the Poteat Family Dentistry, we can help with a number of emergency dentist procedures including

  •  fixing a cracked tooth
  • pulling a tooth
  • dental extraction

Call us at 828-274-2265 for an emergency dentist appointment if you or your loved one is suffering from a problem tooth. In these cases, always seek help from a dental professional. Too much is at stake to risk complications from trying to fix or correct something about your teeth by yourself.

Find an Emergency Dentist to Treat Your Cracked Tooth Right Away

Are you suffering from a broken or cracked tooth? Contact Poteat Dentistry office immediately for an emergency dentist before it gets any worse.

A broken or cracked tooth isn’t just painful. If left untreated, it could lead to serious infection, permanent damage to the jaw, or require extraction of more than just one tooth. Our expert team of dental professionals handles each emergency dentist procedure gently and carefully to keep you safe and your treatment effective.

We understand that the dentist is a scary place for some people, but please don’t let that keep you from addressing a serious crisis and a mouthful of pain.

Put Yourself in the Hands of a Gentle Emergency Dentist for Pulling a Tooth

Are you suffering from a problem tooth that won’t stop aching? Poteat Dentistry is here to help. Call us to set up an appointment to see the emergency dentist right away for pulling a tooth and get your mouth back to a pain-free existence.

Pulling a tooth on your own is dangerous! Please don’t try to extract your own tooth at home. You’re likely to hurt yourself in the process and may have to see us anyway with a bigger problem. Be safe and let an emergency dentist at the Poteat Family Dentistry take care of your dental problems professionally.

See an Emergency Dentist Office for a Cracked Tooth, Pulling a Tooth, Extraction, or More

An emergency dentist at the Poteat Family Dentistry in Asheville, North Carolina, is ready to help you with that broken or cracked tooth, pulling a tooth, or another form of extraction.

And remember: the best way to never see the emergency dentist is by seeing your family dentist on a regular basis for your 6 month checkups and cleanings. Prevention is the best way to a healthy, shining mouth, and the Poteat Family Dentistry is ready to help.

Whether you’ve been in an accident or just want to keep up with a good routine, Dr. Landon A. Poteat and his team of dental professionals are ready to help. And Poteat Dentistry is conveniently located on Hendersonville Road between I-40 and the Blue Ridge Parkway.