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Trust Dr. Landon A. Poteat’s Professional Dental Teeth Whitening

When done by an expert, any smile can be brightened with dental teeth whitening. Over the counter toothpastes and other products may claim to do the job, but there is no substitute for dental teeth whitening performed by a trained expert.

Dr. Landon A. Poteat can restore your smile to its full, natural radiance with his professional dental teeth whitening techniques. And he uses the safest and most effective methods, so you can be sure of the quality of his dental services.

Restore Your Smile with Dental Teeth Whitening

Coffee, tea, soda, tobacco, berries, soy sauce, smoke and other agents are common culprits when you have stained, dull or discolored teeth. Aging, fluorosis and medication damage may also cause darkening of your teeth. Dental teeth whitening can restore your smile, no matter what the cause.

Everyone knows that a bright, white smile is a healthy smile. If you have ever caught yourself too embarrassed to grin because of the color of your teeth you are a prime candidate for dental teeth whitening. Professional, dental teeth whitening performed here at Poteat Dentistry can give you back your smile

Zoom Dental Teeth Whitening Offered by Dr. Poteat

Dr. Poteat restores the smiles of his patients using the Zoom dental teeth whitening method. There are many methods of teeth bleaching available both over the counter and in the dental office but not all of them are created equal. Consult with Dr. Poteat if you are looking for a safe and effective dental teeth whitening method.

Make an Appointment for Dental Teeth Whitening or General Dentistry Services

Poteat Dentistry is a full service dental office specializing in not only dental teeth whitening, but also in general dentistry. Other services at Poteat dentistry include: routine cleanings, veneers, implants, sealants, crowns, bridges, extractions, dentures, night gaurds, and more.

Scheduling an appointment with Dr. Poteat to inquire about dental teeth whitening or other dental procedures is easy. Visit our online appointment request form to request a date and time and our scheduling coordinator will contact you, and you’ll be one step closer towards a beautiful smile.

Or if you have questions about dental teeth whitening, or want to call to schedule an appointment you may reach us at 828-274-2265.