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Improve the Appearance of Damaged Teeth with Dental Crowns

Do you need dental crowns? Decayed teeth are painful and unsightly. If you have caught yourself frowning instead of smiling because of tooth pain or appearance then dental crowns by Dr. Landon Poteat may be the answer you have been hoping for.

Dental caps, also known as dental crowns, are custom made to fit on top of the healthy parts of your existing teeth after decay has been removed. On many occasions, however, a filling will suffice rather than a dental crown. Dr. Landon Poteat can help you determine which course is best for your unique situation.

Restore a Tooth’s Function with Dental Caps

If eating has become a chore or painful because of tooth decay then a visit to Dr. Poteat for dental crowns can improve the quality of your life! You need your teeth to chew as well as flash that thank you smile.

Dental caps will help you enjoy food again and feel the amazing feeling you get when you smile broadly, without worrying about what your teeth look like.

One Visit Dental Crowns by Landon Poteat, DDS

If you have had dental crowns in the past, you may remember making impressions on one visit and then having to wear temporary dental caps until the lab gets your permanent dental crowns made. Not at Dr. Poteat’s office.

Dental crowns expert Dr. Landon Poteat can save you time and energy. He’ll make your Cerec Dental Crowns in one visit—saving you the hassle coming back in for that second visit. Dr. Poteat understands that your time is valuable. You need your dental crowns done now, not later.

Dr. Landon Poteat Provides More than Just Dental Caps

Dental caps and crowns are just a couple of the services offered at Poteat Dentistry.

Dr. Poteat is just as much a family dentist as a cosmetic or esthetic dentist. We provide general services such as cleanings, xrays, and fillings (we specialize in non-metal fillings), as well as teeth whitening or crowns, veneers, and bridges.

Poteat dentistry is located right in South Asheville near I-40 on Hendersonville Road just north of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Call us today or make an appointment online to discuss dental crowns and caps or any other dentistry service.