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The Caring and Professional Dentist Office in Asheville, North Carolina

The Dr. Landon A. Poteat, DDS, PA dentist office south of I-40 on Hendersonville Road in South Asheville near the Blue Ridge Parkway provides all your general dentistry needs, but we also specialize in cosmetic services like bonding and whitening. The Poteat dentist office is ready to handle cleanings, check-ups, toothaches, and emergency extractions alongside whitenings, bridge fittings, and crowns.

Call us today and set up an appointment for your next six-month check-up. Your teeth are vital to your well-being. Take care of them, and they will take care of you, and here at the Poteat dentist office we want to help. Keep your teeth healthy, bright, and pain-free through regular visits with caring professionals.

A Friendly Family Dentist Office for All Your Dental Needs

Are you or someone in your family having tooth trouble? Is the pain getting in the way of eating, speaking, or even sleeping? Make an appointment at the Poteat dentist office right away before it gets worse.

The Poteat dentist office doesn’t just care about your smile looking good—we care about the quality of life for your whole family. At Dr. Landon A. Poteat’s dentistry in Asheville, North Carolina, we understand that not everyone is comfortable with visiting the dentist, and we go the extra mile to make your visit as pleasant as possible. Let us help get your life back on track with a pain-free set of teeth.

Brighten Your Smile at Dr. Poteat’s Dentist Office

Your smile can make all the difference in the world. It’s one of the first things people notice when they see you, so project confidence all the time with a professional smile-improving teeth whitening at Dr. Poteat’s dentist office.

Our highly trained team of dental professionals brightens dull teeth, removes stains, and corrects discolored teeth like no whitening toothpaste can achieve. Make an appointment at our dentist office for a cosmetic treatment and restore your smile to its fullest luster. Find out what all your options are and let our friendly, experienced team use their expertise to advise what’s best for you.

Visit Dr. Poteat’s Dentist Office for Your Next Bonding, Crown, or Implant

The Poteat dentist office is the perfect place to plan a variety of dental procedures.

  • Bondings and Fillings – address a wide range of issues (from staining to gaps) with a simple bonding or repair a cavity with a durable filling constructed from a variety of safe, effective materials.
  • Veneers – spruce up your smile with a resilient, custom-molded porcelain veneer to cover deeply stained, chipped, or crooked teeth. Veneers can even correct an unsightly gap between front teeth.
  • Crowns – recover a weak tooth with a strong crown so you can chew comfortably again.
  • Bridges and Implants – replace missing teeth with a professional reconstruction that looks just like the real thing and comes in a wide variety of options.

…and more. Make your appointment with our dentist office today to restore all the lost form and function of your smile.